• Man created sin. It happened when Adam and Eve drew a conclusion about God that was 100% wrong. It was a conclusion about God that was not based upon anything God had told them.
  • Sin is something that started as a concept, a notion, a suspicion. The practice of calling God’s love and loyalty and faithfulness and goodness into question was started when Satan invited them to do so.
  • Hence, sin is not only believing the lie that God will get mad at you and leave you alone if you make a mistake; it is also a wrong-headed indictment against God as it contains the accusation that God is so emotionally fragile that He can’t handle things not going as planned
  • So, in the beginning, sin was a wrong thought; the believing of a lie; the lie that if man makes one wrong move, God may decide to separate Himself from us
  • Soon the false idea of sin (the belief that we can ever do something that would separate us from God) began to be intimately associated with certain behaviors. Do this or that and you have sinned. It seems that ever since the garden, mankind disbelieved God’s inherent goodness and grace. God never said, ‘Do this and I will leave you.’ No. He said, ‘Do this and there will be a consequence.’ But the consequence God described to Adam and Eve did not include divorcing Himself from them. Read the passage for yourself. It isn’t there.
  • Rape, murder, stealing, hurting others in all kinds of ways. If you want to call that sin, fine. But if you call those things sin, you’re not describing man’s real problem. I say that because rape, murder, stealing, and the myriad other ways that we can go around hurting each other; those are just pieces of evidence. People who hurt themselves and others are showing signs of a strain of a certain type of illness; a dis-ease in the form of the kinds of things we might be thinking about on a regular basis.
  • And what was the origin of this mental illness? What was the first mentally ill thought that has led to all kinds of other foolish, hurtful thoughts, followed by death and destruction in this world? It was the wrong conclusion that still to this day we are constantly tempted to draw about the God Who loves us passionately. When the first man and woman wrongly concluded that they needed to hide because they were sure God would be mad at them; that thought of separation… was sin. It was their thought. It was their idea. And it was wrong.
  • When you make a mistake that brings pain to yourself and/or others, do not make matters worse by participating in the mental illness of sin by thinking God will withdraw from you. THAT would be sin and THAT kind of wrong thinking is what Jesus came to take away.
  • In light of this, I believe Jesus’ main messages was (is): God is not mad at you! When Israel demanded to be judged by The Father based upon how well the Israelite people could obey what He told Israel to do, that was Israel’s choice. God didn’t chose that. The law separates and separation is death and the law therefore only leads to more of the same. I came to introduce what real living is all about. And it is not about constant sin consciousness (awareness of the possibility that you are causing separation, which you are not capable of doing). It is about knowing God welcomes all, not merely some, into a better life – eternal life – starting right now.