The Town and the Mayor - BLOG Edition

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The content at this site is generally for those who have already read The Town and the Mayor. So, if you are planning on reading it but have not done so yet, be aware that the content of this site goes into a level of detail that could “spoil” your reading experience.

If you are the kind of person who likes to watch television shows about “the making of…” different popular movies, but not until after you have actually seen the movie, then you are duly warned. Reading the content at this site prior to reading the book could be similar to seeing a behind-the-scenes documentary of a movie you intend upon seeing.

At only $3.49 (at, The Town and the Mayor is a great value. Why so inexpensive? The answer is simple: this is Jim Aitkins’ first entry into the fiction genre. The lower price gets the attention of more readers. But the low price lasts only until the hardcover version of The Town and the Mayor is released. So get it now.

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